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Many Republican politicians believe that they can secure victory in the upcoming Midterm Elections by highlighting the abuses and partisanship of our current administration and political climate. While the ruling class enriches themselves at the expense of our country’s citizens, resources, public health, and education, those in power are often seen as cagey, clever, and cunning. However, I believe that the American people are not stupid and will not be fooled by their manipulations. 

It is true that a lack of education can make people more vulnerable to being deceived and controlled by a malicious ruling class. The elites have systematically “dumbed down” the population through indoctrination schemes such as schools and universities, as well as through mass media propaganda aimed at suppressing free-thinking and undesirable people.

Unfortunately, the ruling class has little interest in the well-being of “We, the People”. Americans from all backgrounds suffer under incompetent leaders who seem to make their lives worse every day. Accountability is no longer a priority for politicians, regardless of their political affiliation.

However, there is a solution to this growing problem, and it’s called Article V of the Constitution, also known as the Convention of States. This provision outlines how the Constitution can be amended or have provisions added to its text. By getting the necessary number of states to join the Convention of States, we can make a significant impact.

Some of the proposed changes through the Convention of States include setting term limits for all political offices, voting out judges who do not adhere to the rule of law, preventing the executive branch from arbitrarily defining our allies and enemies, removing prosecutors who abuse their powers, setting standards for politicians, balancing the budget, limiting the size of the government, bringing the executive branch to its level of power, prohibiting members of both houses from trading when in the service of the people, removing special interests from lobbying, and stopping unelected appointees from making laws and regulations.

In conclusion, while the ruling class may have a stranglehold on our political climate, there is hope for change through the Convention of States. By taking action and getting involved, we can restore power to the people and make our country a better place for everyone.