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Politically, I am a Republican. A real Republican

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I personally feel that until Congress can vote away their perks, nationalized health care, retirement system apart from Social Security, and the freedom to make millions from insider trading, they should all be voted out – including members from my state.

I would like to change that by becoming an independent candidate even though I believe in the constitutional republic and free market. We need a movement that will start restoring the country to the rule of law and how the founders intended it to be.

Most citizens of the United States haven’t seen a good congressman in so long that they wouldn’t know one if they saw one. Typically, within a couple of months of an election, they become the stereotypical Congressman/Congresswoman. That is a person that votes the way the party leaders want but states to the media that he/she voted in the voice of his/her constituents. The typical rhetoric, arrogant behavior, and willingness to let people suffer needlessly in order to achieve political ambitions than do things right for this nation is obvious.   The Founders wanted a Republic, not a Democracy. Democracy proponents know quite well that they can both rig the system by voting in those that promise rewards and in turn reward them. The country has been fighting the battle between those who desire a limited government, freedom, and free markets, and those who desire a large government and its control of liberty and markets. Unfortunately, there seem to be too many more people willing to put up with the manipulations of the politicians and the State.

Why I Am Doing This

Looking back in time, the United States of America was a beacon of hope for people who lived in oppressed countries,

Positions And Goals

Candidates are offering election promises based on what the constituents from a specific district would like to hear.


Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will. It’s already present in a high school, college, military,


When I was a teenager living in Poland, under the umbrella of the government, that was saving the whole country from itself,

Why I Am Doing This


I remember as a young boy when the Soviet Bloc leadership was predicting the complete collapse of the USA. At that time nobody would think that people could be so stupid as to turn on their own country. It appears that those leaders were right and almost prophetic.

Looking at the political climate in the USA is outright terrifying. Some media outlets call the USA the most polarized country in the world now. People ask questions about how we define national identity. Other groups of people are accusing the USA of imperialism even though we never had an emperor. I understand tension and conflicts in democracies around the world. But we are not a democracy; we are a representative republic. That’s the best system that ever existed anywhere on this planet.

Some people think we have a problem with the US Constitution and using this notion as a pretext to call for a rewrite by the very politicians and bureaucrat’s alike who have been violating it for a few decades now.

About Me

My name is Jacek Kóbiesa. I was born in Poland and came to the United States of America at a fairly young age. When I landed in New York City at the John F. Kennedy Airport at the end of the Reagan presidency, I arrived here legally, unlike many people. As quickly as I could, I moved to San Francisco, CA where I spent quite a few years. That was my initial exposure to the many problems that the United States is facing now. California and San Francisco are filled with extremes and contradictions. Political beliefs are really strong. I was vilified for my views. Moderate viewpoints are few and far between. There is a huge homeless problem, and you are confronted by it constantly. Hundreds of people need urgent medical and psychiatric care, but instead, they are left to find shelter and food themselves. Many people who are living in the city are literally just stepping over people sleeping on the sidewalks, storefronts, and public transportation terminals, and they do not seem bothered by it. It also became more dangerous to walk around, even during the day.

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We need a movement that will start restoring the country to the rule of law and how the founders intended it to be.

Critical race theory holds that the most important aspect is the color of your skin. Your beliefs, your values, and your behavior don’t mean anything. The claim goes further to say that if you are a minority then certainly you must be a victim because the system is rigged against you. On the other hand, if you are a majority, you must be an oppressor.

Critical Race Theory was developed at Harvard Law School sometime in the 1970s. Proponents of CRT claim that racism is always present and taking place everywhere. They will look everywhere “critically” until amazingly they always find it.

Do you believe that the USA is a racist country? I know that most people don’t.

The oppressor promises to explain all the reality of the system to them. It is all crap, of course. The philosophical underpinning of communism is simply a muddle of words that skews over true reality. The claims about historical progress and revolutionary change are simply lies. The real basis of communism, as Solzhenitsyn shows, is no rational argument, but a desire for power. The fierce resentment of the Marxists against God, against the strong, and against the successful, explains their brutal ideological dictatorship far better than any series of claims about the nature of reality.

“Political philosophy,” for most people, is simply a play of words that covers up longing for power and domination. The hatred of Christian civilization, their success, and order that drove the communists of Solzhenitsyn’s day drive the liberals of today. The same type of people leans toward liberalism as the vehicle for communism.

  • Ronald Reagan once said that the people tell the government what to do; the government does not tell the people what to do. With that in mind, I am asking you to “hire” me as your 4th District US Representative. As your “employee,” I pledge to serve you, and the Constitution. If you’re not happy with my work, can “fire” me in two years. I ask only for the opportunity to show you my dedication to this pledge to you.
  • I owe a great debt to the United States of America for the opportunities this country has provided to me and my family. I seek public office to do my part in contributing to the ongoing success of this beacon of freedom in the world, and to protect and defend this great nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.