• Become Energy-Independent and lower the cost of Energy sources.

Presently, the cost of fuel at the pump is sky-high. The federal government blames oil companies for the increased price, but it is the federal government that is directly responsible for the high price.
Crude oil is taxed when it arrives in the country, whether by supertanker from the Middle East or pipeline from Canada and Mexico. For example, the cost of oil from the Gulf of Mexico includes lease bonuses, lease rentals, and royalties, paid to the government, ranging from 12.5% to 18.75% of the gross revenue from each oil and gas lease. In fact, fuel production is taxed at every single point, from production through delivery. By arbitrarily increasing these taxes, the Biden Administration violates binding contracts between the US government and the oil and gas companies. Historically, only dictators like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya alter the terms of existing contracts.

Drill for oil and gas to produce cheaper energy, to fuel the country, both personally and industrially.    

• Return the United States to the world leader in nuclear power generation.

Candidates are offering election promises based on what the constituents from a specific district would like to hear. I am not going to do that. The points listed below are items that I would like to accomplish if I get elected. My approach is that I must better my district and the people who have faith in me.

At present, France is the number one nuclear power generating country in the world, with Finland number two. Nuclear power is the cleanest and least environmentally impactful type of electrical power generation in the world today. The single largest criticism of nuclear power is disposing of spent nuclear waste. In point of fact, spent fuel consists of about 95% pure uranium, and is being stored in the salt beds of New Mexico. However, spent fuel can be recycled and reused! Waste becomes minimal and then can be efficiently disposed of by underground burial. To date, the US Congress has prevented the reprocessing of the spent fuel for purely political reasons. Removing this congressional roadblock, and changing to an emphasis on nuclear power generation, and reprocessing the fuel, would lead not only to long term energy independence, but to new jobs in both construction and operation of the recycling processes, and the construction and operation of modern safe, and efficient nuclear electrical generation plants.

Realistic Social Security Adjustments to inflation to aid senior citizens.
Our elderly, many of whom rely solely on Social Security for their income, are quietly and greatly suffering from the limited funds available to them, compounded by the hidden tax of inflation, largely caused by astronomical increases in medical care and medications. The real cost of living increases must be made immediately, and the crisis in the Social Security system must be corrected. There are already 19 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities, the equivalent of $154,000 for every household in the US, with a forecast that the fund will run out of money by 2034.

• Term Limits. Limit the term of a US Senator to 2, and no more than 6 for a US Representative.

• Audit the Fed and prevent them from creating the Digital Dollar.
• Limit bureaucratic powers: laws to be made by the elected officials only.
• Create laws that would simplify the termination of employment for any government employee.
• End the “Death Tax.”
• Stop forcing the minimum distribution option on the US retirees from their qualified accounts.

• Lower tax rates for every citizen and adjust the corporate tax rate to the point that the United States can become competitive again. There is a point at which higher taxes rates actually reduce the amount of revenue the government collects. When the tax rate is too high, and if they make them higher, and this is what they want, they will bring in less revenue to the government. If the tax rate is decreased below 33% the government revenue will rise.

• Put high tariffs on products imported from China. Incentivize companies to return from China and restore their production in the US. As a country, we must not become reliant on China, and we need to decouple from them.


• Adopt a non-interventionist military policy in countries all over the world. No wars, no sanctions except where there are existing sanctions against us.

• Allow South Korea and Japan to arm and defend themselves. Review NATO and US obligations to the Pact.
• Stop foreign aid, especially to countries that are not friendly to the US, and focus on taking care of our own veterans and citizens.
• Higher Education cost is causing many individuals and families financial hardship. We must review student debt and the way student loans are issued. It is also time to review the institutions of higher learning who have created useless degrees.

• Secure our borders and return the rule of law.

• Review the status of illegal immigrants to the US; something needs to be done as the people who are here cannot stabilize their lives due to not defined immigration status.

• Rebuild our infrastructure with modern roads, bridges, sewer systems, waste processing plants, pipelines, and power transmission lines.

• Review the policies of wild-land fire protection and adjust them as necessary. It seems that the United States has more fires every year. Fires affect not only the environment but also the well-being of people, especially those with allergies and respiratory disease. This would include a review of Forest Management and responsibility.

• Regulate as a utility company the top 5: Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Big Tech needs to be held accountable as the enemy of the people.

• Reestablish the laws preventing media outlets from spreading misleading or false information. These laws made such corruption a federal offense. If the media companies are pretending to be news programs, let them be a news programs, however, as soon as they start stating their opinions they need to be labeled as an opinion outlet. The media outlets need to be held responsible for any distortion of facts, nationally or locally; political or non-political.

• Force Congress to control spending to put the budget on a path to balance and control debt and economic growth.

• Limit the size of the government. With a debt limit, we can create a limited government.

• Ensure free, uncorrupted elections.
• Review education spending and direct costs related to higher education.
• Review the student loans issuance.

1. Because, in the final analysis, consumers pay the taxes in the form of higher prices, the corporate tax should be eliminated.
2. A complicated and deliberately deceptive tax code extracts multiple layers of revenue from consumers for the same goods and services. These deceptive double and triple taxations on such things as fuels, retirement funds, consumer goods, and a host of others, must be eliminated.