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Many Republican politicians envision coasting to victory in the Midterm Elections simply by pointing out the abuses and partisanship of our current administration and political climate. The ruling class is very comfortable enriching itself through the exploitation of our country’s citizens, resources, public health, and education. The politicians in power, the elite, have a reputation for being cagey, clever, and cunning. They go to schools for the privileged and are supposed to be smarter than everyone else. They are calling us stupid and deplorable – I don’t mind it because I am not stupid and neither are people.

Stupidity does not imply malice, but malice implies stupidity. That’s because a stupid populace is irresistible to a malicious ruling class; the soviets knew that it is much easier to deceive and control unintelligent masses. People were methodically “dumbed down” by “the elite” through their indoctrination schemes such as schools and universities. Similar to the current United States, isn’t it? Indoctrinated masses along with immigration policymakers favoring less educated migrants and mass-media operatives pushing their propaganda directed specifically designed for the undesirable, free-thinking people.

The ruling class doesn’t have any interest in “We, the People”. Americans of all backgrounds suffer greatly while incompetent rulers make their life worse every day. Their main concern is staying immune from any form of accountability, regardless of political affiliation.

That applies to both, the Democrats as well as the Republicans and people voting along party lines.
Is there a solution to the growing problem? I think there is. It is called Article V of the Constitution also known as Article V Convention of States. Basically, it gives us the direction of how the Constitution Amendments can be amended or how provisions can be added to the text of the Constitution.

www.conventionofstates.com explains the scope and the mechanics of the Convention: “Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives states the power to call a Convention of States to propose amendments. It takes 34 states to call the convention and 38 to ratify any amendments that are proposed”.
If we can get the required number of states to join the Article V Convention of States, we could achieve the following:


• Set term limits for all political offices such as the US Senator or Representative.
• Vote judges who are not adhering to the rule of law out of their office. Many judges presently are using their position and are legislating from the bench; since they are the activist judges, they are extremely dangerous to the country.
• Preventing the Executive Branch from deciding arbitrarily who our enemies are and who is our friend.
• Removing prosecutors who are abusing their powers.
• Setting up standards for what is “politics” and what is a “lie” for all politicians in all branches of the government.
• Balancing the budget and limiting the size of the government.
• Bring the Executive Branch to its level of power.
• Prevent political persecution.
• Prohibit members of both houses to trade when in the service of people.
• Remove special interest from lobbying.
• Stop unelected appointees from making laws and regulations.