Critical Race


Have you heard of Critical Race Theory? If you haven’t, you will. It’s already present in a high school, college, military, all forms of government, and workplace diversity training sessions near you. If it is adopted in America, it will completely change the country and the way you live. What do you need to know about it, and what can you do to stop it?

Critical race theory holds that the most important aspect is the color of your skin. Your beliefs, your values, and your behavior don’t mean anything. The claim goes further to say that if you are a minority then certainly you must be a victim because the system is rigged against you. On the other hand, if you are a majority, you must be an oppressor. 

Critical Race Theory was developed at Harvard Law School sometime in the 1970s. Proponents of CRT claim that racism is always present and taking place everywhere. They will look everywhere “critically” until amazingly they always find it. 

Do you believe that the USA is a racist country? I know that most people don’t.

How do we stop it? First, refuse to accept it, and second, don’t be intimidated by the proponents of CRT. These proponents are America haters and enemies. Don’t let them bully you, especially when you know that you are not a racist or pretend to be a victim because you are not. 

CRT is currently being pushed in every institution, from schools to the military, and from businesses to online platforms. A handful of states have successfully enacted laws to combat CRT, including Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina. Most of these anti-CRT laws do not explicitly mention the words “critical race theory,” but instead target specific concepts and beliefs that are derived from the ideology. That is not enough.
The USA faces a bleak future marked by a division and weakness. Youths continues to be indoctrinated in schools with anti-American ideologies like critical race theory and that may lead to the break-up of the country.
We need to defend ourselves while we still can. Some local catholic schools abandoned the Christian values and adopted leftism. Many school boards in the public school system went woke a long time ago. When it comes to school boards, vote them out. In cases of state or federal government elected officials who aren’t taking steps to rid themselves of this monstrosity, vote them out.

Education as a savior from CRT

Everyone knows that public schools are hotbeds of child/youth indoctrination, having seen parents who object to it being treated as criminals by the boards they’ve elected to their local school. We need a movement focused on education, entrepreneurship, and free-market solutions which are providing parents with innovative alternatives. If you look in the past schools were teaching students in the “classics,” which means that each school and every teacher had a classical program of student progression. We must go back to that system.
Since school boards and teachers became woke and adopted CRT the education in the USA is suffering greatly. Compared to countries such as Japan, Russia, Poland, India, Israel, China, etc., the educational system in the USA cannot compete.
Most nations around the world understand that the only way to improve one’s life is to have a solid education in order to compete in the future employment market. In the US schools are still teaching outdated curriculum that is irrelevant to many 21st-century jobs.

The classical educational system emphasizes essentials such as language/grammar, logic, and arithmetic’s/mathematics, and should include items such as literature, geometry, physics/astronomy, chemistry, biology, music, geography, and history, art, and civic education into the curriculum as well. When looking at the pros and cons of the classical education model and curriculum, it is obvious that it is such an effective approach based on the child’s age. The processes lead to a lifetime of learning where wisdom and knowledge can work together simultaneously. All textbooks should be created by accredited authors, peer-reviewed, and approved for use by states where the education decisions belong to. In the case of literature, 120 books by classical authors should be implemented as mandatory reading. Teachers should not deviate from the classical curriculum. If appropriate, additional material could be added.

Teachers who are deviating from established programs should be removed from teaching. If a teacher is pushing any sexual or LGBTQ+ content on students from K-12 that teacher should be terminated.g

According to
Public School: Parents Are Losing Say Regarding Content – The Ninth Circuit in Fields v. Palmdale (2005) held that “Parents…have no constitutional right…to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.”
Let’s change that. School boards and teachers have no parental rights whatsoever.