Jacek Kobiesa

America Is Being Transformed
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America is being transformed in the most negative way. We need to resist that attempt and fight it.

The “Dialectical Left” changes the meanings of words strategically to achieve its agendas, a tactic that is very effective until it is recognized. Currently, the three terms that have been profoundly subverted and are being used to transform our society by Communists for Communist are inclusion, democracy, and citizenship. Critical Theory is the operative tool of the dominant strain of twentieth century Marxist Theory, which refers to identifying and reframing concepts in terms of Marxist structural analysis. In general, when Critical Marxists say they are applying “criticism” to something, what they mean is that they are strategically redefining the key terms involved so that they are understood in terms of Marxist sociopolitical analysis. The Communist Left is using these three terms to subvert and transform society itself into something wholly under their control. These terms build upon one another. For example, inclusion expresses the idea that nobody is excluded by virtue of the unjust power dynamics Woke Marxist Theory describes.

In the West, Orthodox Christianity is seen as alien and sinister, but for some Western Christians, it represents a bastion against progressivist tendencies and post-modernism. Traditionalists need to unite against post-modernia.

Persecution of those who resist the new totalitarianism is already happening. Christians must reject absolutization of state authority, and only accept laws that support good and limit evil. They must also practice civil disobedience if necessary and cancel obedience to the state if it forces them to apostatize from Christ and His Church.

The ongoing moral collapse of the West is due to the spirit of civilizational self-denial and deconstruction that took over the West after the European civil wars. The West is now in the mature phase of the Decline of the West: the totalitarianism of the Davos elite.

Secularism replaced Christianity as the foundation of the West’s identity and is leading to the demographic and cultural self-liquidation of Europe. Recovery is possible, as shown by the examples of Hungary and Poland.


The postmodern West rests on the lie that there is no God and therefore everything is permitted. Man cannot rely on his own ambition and reason to solve all the questions of his existence.